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Deciding how to invest is one of life’s big decisions. It can be complicated and overwhelming, leaving you feeling uncertain and anxious. The result? Many investors end up chasing fads, trends and short-term thinking, which can interfere with your ability to achieve financial goals.

Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios are designed with these challenges in mind.

Our portfolios provide complete solutions for those who prefer a disciplined approach to investing and the comfort of knowing professionals are actively managing risk. Highlights include:

  • Four fully diversified portfolios featuring our most popular mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • Access to a sophisticated pension style investment process
  • Continuous oversight to help manage investment risks
  • Comprehensive reporting to keep you fully informed

For illustration purposes only. Breakdowns shown are based on target allocations.

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective way to invest, Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios offer a solution that can help you get it right.

Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolios are available in two distinct investment options – mutual fund trusts and segregated fund solutions. Work with your advisor to identify which option is right for you.

Additional Resources

Investor-friendly resources

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Advisor resources

Mutual Fund Advisor Reference Overview (PDF) (Advisor login required)
Segregated Fund Advisor Executive Summary (PDF) (Advisor login required)
Investor Profile Questionnaire (PDF)
Co-op Admat (PDF) (Advisor login required)
Manulife Asset Allocation Portfolio quarterly commentary (PDF)

Fund Facts

Mutual Fund Portfolios Series
  Advisor F FT T
Manulife Conservative Portfolio
Manulife Moderate Portfolio
Manulife Balanced Portfolio
Manulife Growth Portfolio


Segregated Fund Portfolios: GIF Select Fund Facts


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