Tools and Calculators

We recommend you use these with your advisor.

Series T Calculator

The Series T Calculator demonstrates ways to defer or save taxes on cash flow until redemption of units.

Investor Profile Questionnaire

(Advisor login required) This online tool helps to quickly assess investment objectives and risk tolerances to design appropriate investment portfolios.

Retirement Income Worksheet

Provides a detailed analysis of the money an individual has to work with and therefore determines any income shortfall when compared to the details of the Expense Worksheet.

Retirement Expense Worksheet

This worksheet provides a detailed analysis of an individual’s expected expenses at retirement.

RRSP Calculator

This calculator lets you explore five basic strategies to help you enhance the growth of your RRSP.

Clawback Calculator

(Advisor login required) This calculator will illustrate to how re-structuring an investment portfolio can affect income-tested credits and government benefits.


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