Manulife Global Balanced Fund

The Canadian stock market makes up about 5%* of world markets, however, Canadian securities on average comprise more than 65%* of Canadians’ investment portfolios. This means that many investors could be missing out on investment growth opportunities within their portfolios due to home country bias or fear of investing in markets that they are not familiar with. Consequently, investors may not be able to grow their portfolio sufficiently to enjoy the retirement they deserve.

To help overcome home county bias and to instill confidence in your client portfolio, consider the Manulife Global Balanced Fund sub advised by Mawer Investment Management Ltd. Their disciplined bottom-up investment approach has a long track record of success. A well-diversified global balanced portfolio may provide the resiliency clients need in various market environments; that’s something your clients will thank you for.

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Manulife Global Balanced FundAssociated funds managed by this team, include:In the news:


1This Fund has been capped to all new purchases as of March 28, 2013   2This Fund has been capped to all new purchases as of November 8, 2013.   3On May 25, 2018 the Manulife Conservative Income Fund merged into the Manulife Yield Opportunities Fund.
  • Jim Hall - Manulife Global Balanced Fund
    Manulife Global Balanced Fund - Jim shares insight on the Manulife Global Balanced Fund including the investment strategy, how ideas are generated and risk mitigation. March 2019.


*Source: IMF’s Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey, Barclays Capital, Thomson Reuters Datastream

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