MPIP Segregated Pools 

With access to balanced and fixed income asset classes, as well as global opportunities, these 17 segregated pools may be ideal for business owners and professionals who want to separate personal assets from business assets for potential creditor protection. They appeal to conservative investors who want the financial security that a Maturity Guarantee and Death Benefit Guarantee may provide.

Balanced Private Pools  


Manulife U.S. Balanced Value Private Segregated Pool

Managed by the Manulife Value Equity Team all companies are viewed under the same fundamental proprietary lens, using a scalable and repeatable process driven by the team's fundamental beliefs unchanged since the team's founding in 1996.

The team's focus is on creating a high returning conglomerate portfolio consisting of diversified businesses to ensure that revenue and earnings come from many different sources. As a result, no single event will have a large negative impact on the portfolio.

This portfolio is constructed using a fundamental, value based lens selecting primarily U.S. dividend paying businesses and multi sector fixed income. The portfolio managers focus on selecting businesses, which in aggregate have high and stable profitability , minimal financial leverage and are priced at an attractive valuation . The fund is ideal for clients looking to access the for a fixed monthly income source and the growth potential of one the world’s largest equity markets.


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