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Whether your investment goal is to grow your wealth, preserve wealth, generate income or reduce risk by diversifying your investments, there’s a Manulife fund to help you get there.

Choose one of the three categories below – Investing for Income; Investing for Income and Growth; or Investing for Growth – that best reflects your main investment goal, and then visit the various individual fund pages shown for more information about some of our investment opportunities.

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Investing for income

Income funds typically return money to investors on a monthly, quarterly or annual timeline. These funds are typically low-risk, and suited to investors who want to preserve their wealth while also using it to produce income to fund some or all of their financial needs.

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Investing for income and growth

Investors who prefer a conservative approach with their investing strategy may typically look for funds that strive to generate income and grow wealth. Generally these funds will invest in both low-risk government bonds to help with preserving wealth, and these funds seek to grow wealth by investing in the shares of companies that have demonstrated successful track records and/or competitive advantages.

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Investing for growth

Growth funds typically invest in the equity shares of public companies of all sizes. These companies may operate only in Canada, in North America, or in other parts of the world. They may be companies with successful, long-term business track records, or they may be newer companies showing promise in a product line, sector of the economy or region of the world.

Investors who can invest for the long term and who want to capitalize on the potential for higher returns over the long term will want to use growth funds in their wealth creation strategy.

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1Formerly Manulife Canadian Monthly Income Fund   2On April 20, 2018, the Manulife Preferred Income Class merged into the Manulife Dividend Income Class.   3On March 11, 2016, the Manulife Global Focused Class merged into the Manulife Global Equity Unconstrained Class. Because the fund that was merged into the Manulife Global Equity Unconstrained Class had a larger asset base than the Manulife Global Equity Unconstrained Class, the performance data for the Manulife Global Equity Unconstrained Class may not be provided for any period prior to the merger transaction.  


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