Loan Programs

Investment Loan Programs

Investment leverage is a powerful tool that may help accelerate the growth of your non-registered savings. The industry-leading line-up of Manulife Bank Investment Loan options are designed to meet a variety of needs – from those trying leverage for the first time to more seasoned investors.

To learn more about how Investment Loans work, view the Understanding Investment Leverage Flash presentation.

Manulife Bank offers the following Investment Loan options: 

  • Quick Loans – for those wishing to borrow 100 per cent of their investment amount with loans from $10,000 to $100,000
  • Multiplier Loans – for investors who wish to borrow larger amounts. For every dollar invested, Manulife Bank will lend up to three (3:1) additional dollars


RRSP Loan Programs

Don't let a lack of cash keep you from making this year's RRSP contribution. An RRSP loan can realize tax savings, potentially increase the size of your RRSP and help you stick to your savings plan. We offer an attractive floating rate and no fee.

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Investment Loans and RRSP Loans are offered through Manulife Bank of Canada.

Borrowing to invest may be appropriate only for investors with higher risk tolerance. You should be fully aware of the risks and benefits associated with investment loans since losses as well as gains may be magnified. Preferred candidates are those willing to invest for the long term and not averse to increased risk. The value of your investment will vary and is not guaranteed however you must meet your loan and income tax obligations and repay the loan in full. Please ensure you read the terms of your loan agreement and the investment details for important information. Manulife Bank of Canada solely acts in the capacity of lender and loan administrator and does not provide investment advice of any nature to individuals or advisors. The dealer and advisor are responsible for determining the appropriateness of investments for their clients and informing them of the risks associated with borrowing to invest.


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