Manulife Leaders Portfolios are part of a managed solution program (also known as an asset allocation program) that provides broad diversification through exposure to a portfolio of carefully selected mutual funds and a simple, hands-off approach to investing.

Manulife Leaders Portfolios takes an active, top-down approach to investing. While the allocation for each fund will remain within a targeted range, in today’s rapidly changing market conditions, active asset management plays an important role.

Manulife Leaders Portfolios provide the following features and benefits:

  • Active management to ensure each portfolio is well positioned throughout a market cycle
  • Three carefully selected portfolios of Manulife’s leading mutual funds
  • Diversification that includes exposure to asset classes such as real estate and infrastructure
  • Flexibility to use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to exploit market opportunities and facilitate the active management process

Who Manages the Portfolios?

The Manulife Leaders portfolio management team at Manulife Asset Management's Portfolio Solutions Group uses a holistic asset allocation approach. The strength of the systematic approach is based on expertise across asset classes, regional markets, risk preferences and time horizons.

Additional Resources

Investor Brochure
Investor Profile Questionnaire (Advisor login required)
Portfolio Management and Process (Advisor login required)

Fund Facts

Portfolio Series
Advisor F FT I T
Manulife Leaders Balanced Income Portfolio
Manulife Leaders Balanced Growth Portfolio
Manulife Leaders Opportunities Portfolio

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