Maybe you're approaching retirement. Maybe you've already left work. Or maybe you've accumulated a pool of assets and want to access a regular stream of money to help finance the "extras" in your life. When you're ready to draw a regular income from your investments, you have several choices.

Series T is a structure that is added to existing funds to provide tax-efficient cash flow from distributions paid on a monthly basis. When you invest in a Series T fund, depending on the fund itself, all or a significant portion of the distribution you receive is likely to be classified as tax-free "return of capital" payments, while the bulk of your savings can continue to grow in a diversified mutual fund.

Series T funds can provide the following features and benefits:

  • Regular monthly income – Distributions are set at the beginning of each year so you know exactly how much you'll receive each month
  • Sustainable cash flow – The target annual payout resets each year to help protect your investment and enable it to support your long-term cash flow needs
  • Tax efficiency – An attractive blend of tax-efficient income and tax-deferral benefits, as well as the potential to reduce government clawbacks
  • Potential investment growth – You remain invested in your mutual fund to provide for continued investment growth
  • Customizable cash flows – The customizable cash flow option allows you to customize your monthly cash flow up to a fund's maximum payout rate of 6 or 8 per cent

Funds Available


1Formerly Manulife Canadian Stock Class 2Formerly Manulife International Dividend Income Fund 3Formerly Manulife Canadian Stock Fund 4This Fund has been capped to all new purchases as of November 8, 2013 5This Fund has been capped to all new purchases as of March 28, 2013 6On June 28, 2013 the Manulife Strategic Income Opportunities Fund was converted from a closed-end fund and renamed the Manulife Global Tactical Credit Fund. 7This Series was capped to new purchases on July 30, 2014. 8Formerly Standard Life Corporate Bond Fund. 9Formerly Standard Life Aggressive Portfolio. 10Formerly Standard Life Conservative Portfolio. 11Formerly Standard Life Dividend Growth & Income Portfolio Class. 12Formerly Standard Life Growth Portfolio Class. 13Formerly Standard Life Moderate Portfolio. 14Formerly Manulife U.S. Opportunities Class. 15Formerly Manulife Canadian Equity Balanced Class. 16Formerly Manulife Canadian Focused Class. 17Formerly Manulife Canadian Focused Fund. 18Formerly Manulife U.S. Tactical Credit Fund.


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